The great British Sewing Bee started airing on the 18 February 2014 and finished after eight episodes on the 8 April 2014. Claudia Winklemen returned to present the show and May Martin and Patrick Grant also returned as the shows judges.

The second series now appears to be based in a new office space in the Metropolitan Wharf on the Thames River in east London, while the cafe scenes are still filmed at Other Cafe and Gallery.


Sewer Age Hometown Occupation
Cerina 50 Hampshire Cookery Teacher/Artist
Chinelo 26 Essex Media Graduate
Cliff 71 Bognor Regis Retired Prision Chaplain
David 39 Surrey Police Officer
Heather 56 Leicestershire Dressage Trainer and Rider
Jenni 31 Walsall Resource Manager
Julie 51 West Yorkshire Housing Estate Officer
Lynda 57 Wales Learning Support Assistant
Simon 25 Bradford Museum Assistant
Tamara 40 Surrey Yoga Instructor

Results and EliminationEdit

Elimination Chart
Sewer 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Heather Winner
Chinelo Runner-up
Tamara Runner-up
Lynda OUT
David OUT
Jenni OUT
Cerina OUT
Julie OUT
Simon OUT
Cliff Left
Sewer got through to the next round Sewer was eliminated Sewer won best garment of the week Sewer was the series runner-up Sewer was the series winner


Episode 1Edit

Sewer Pattern Challenge
(Cotton Sleeve-less Top)
Alteration Challenge
(Wool Maxi Skirt)
(Silk Nightgown)
Cerina 2 Short Skirt with small bottom Frill 6 1930's Style Bias Cut Nightgown
Chinelo 7 Fitted Peplum Skirt 2 Floor Length Nightgown
Cliff 10 Short Skirt with 2 Godets 10 N/A
David 8 Short Skirt with 2 Godets 9 Semi-Fitted Empire-Line Nightgown
Heather 1 Short Skirt with back Box Pleat 7 Lingerie Nightgown
Jenni 4 Dungarees 5 1940's Style Floor Length Nightgown
Julie 5 Short Skirt with a Godet and Pocket 8 Bias Cut Nightgown
Lynda 6 Short Skirt with a Godet and Pocket 4 Empire-Line Nightgown
Simon 9 Short Skirt with jetted Pocket and Godet 3 Shot Silk Dupion Nightdress
Tamara 3 Short Skirt with Gathered Ruffle 1 Empire-Line Babydoll Nightgown

Episode 2Edit

Sewer Pattern Challenge
(Box Pleated Skirt)
Alteration Challenge
(Two Men's Shirts)
(Men's Pyjamas)
Cerina 3 Little girl's sailor dress 3 Cotton Lawn Pyjamas
Chinelo 4 Button-down Boob Tube 2 Striped Pull-on Pyjamas
David 6 Skirt 7 Brushed Cotton, Checked Pyjamas
Heather 1 Women's Shirt with ruffle frill 8 Striped Pyjamas
Jenni 7 Skirt 5 Classic Pyjamas
Julie 9 Women's Shirt 6 Striped Cotton Pyjamas
Lynda 5 Little girl's dress 4 Candy Striped Pyjamas
Simon 8 Shirt Dress 9 Brushed Cotton, Checked Pyjamas
Tamara 2 Skirt 1 Newsprint Pyjamas

Episode 3Edit

Sewer Pattern Challenge
Alteration Challenge
(Men's T-shirt)
(Stretch Wrap Dress)
Cerina 3 Childs Dancing Dress 1 Simple Wrap Dress
Chinelo 5 Asymmetric Maxi Dress 2 Stretch Velvet Dress
David 2 Zip V-neck Top 8 Faux Wrap Dress
Heather 7 Halter Neck Top with Plunge Backline 3 Sleeveless Classic Wrap Dress
Jenni 8 Plated back Top 4 Retro Wrap Dress
Julie 6 Ladies Top with Ruching around the neck 7 Dressing Gown Dress
Lynda 1 Pleated and Darted Dress with Belt 6 Classic Wrap Dress with Set in Sleeves
Tamara 4 Dress 5 Cap Sleeve Lipstick Dress

Episode 4Edit

Sewer Pattern Challenge
(Children s Dungarees)
Alteration Challenge
(Sweatshirt, Track Suit Bottoms and Pillowcase)
(Prom Dress)
Cerina 7 Pirate Suit 1 Shift Dress
Chinelo 3 Princess/Ballerina 7 Big Bow Prom Dress
David 1 Ladybird 5 Satin Prom Dress
Heather 4 Autumnal Flower Fairy meet Princess 6 Shot Silk Prom Dress
Jenni 2 Dinosaur 3 Vintage Inspired Prom Dress
Lynda 6 Queen of Hearts 2 Mini Prom Dress
Tamara 5 Superhero 4 Neoprene Prom Dress

Episode 5Edit

Sewer Pattern Challenge
(Nylon Anorak)
Alteration Challenge
(Velvet Trousers)
Chinelo 4 Leather frill 2 Peplum Trousers
David 3 Wrap front with plunging neckline 6 Chino-style Trousers
Heather 5 Template:N/a 5 Classic Slim Fitting Trousers
Jenni 2 Backless Leather top 3 High Waisted Trousers
Lynda 6 Leather side panels with a
sweetheart neckline
1 Classic Straight-legged Trousers
Tamara 1 Leather frill collar 4 Capris Pants

Episode 6Edit

Sewer Pattern Challenge
(1930s Silk Blouse)
Alteration Challenge
(Man's Suit)
(Historic/Vintage Coat)
Chinelo 2 Pencil Dress 1 1940s Coat
David 5 Halterneck Top 4 1940s Police Coat
Heather 1 Boob Tube 3 1953 Swing Coat
Lynda 4 Pinafore dress 2 1950s Wool Flannel Coat
Tamara 3 Backwards Tuxedo Top 5 1967 Coat

Episode 7Edit

Sewer Pattern Challenge
(No Pattern Dress)
Alteration Challenge
(Adding Sleeves to a Dress)
(Copy of their own Garment)
Chinelo 3 Tucked Sleave 1 Party Dress
Heather 2 Gathered Puff Sleave 2 Shift Dress
Lynda 1 Classic Set-in Sleave 4 Wrap Dress
Tamara 4 Gathered Puff Sleave 3 Yoga Outfit

Episode 8Edit

Sewer Pattern Challenge
(Hand Sewn Man's Tie)
Alteration Challenge
(Wedding Dress to Child's Bridesmaid Dress)
(Couture Gown)
Chinelo 3 Classic Bridesmaid Dress 1 Hourglass/Fisihtail Gown
Heather 2 Classic Bridesmaid Dress 2 Horse Chain Gown
Tamara 1 Classic Bridesmaid Dress 3 Slashed Couture Dress
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