Tamara Melvin
Age 40
Hometown Surrey
Occupation Yoga instructor and part-time children’s entertainer
Elimination Episode S2-Episode 8
Sewing Style
Anything quirky, think Vivienne Westwood meets Helena Bonham-Carter

Tamara lives in Surrey with her husband and two daughters. Her mother taught her to sew when she was ten. Her great-grandmother was a tailor who taught Tamara's mother to sew[1].


Did they achieve garment of the week? Were they paid any special compliments? Were they awarded any other sewing-related prizes before or after GBSB? How many times were they awarded first place in a challenge?


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Series 1, Episode 1Edit

Pink Hexagon Cotton Shell
When deciding on a fabric for her garment, Tamara chose a trimming first. She liked the fabric because it was brightly coloured.


What have they got up to since the Bee?


  • Tamara was the bookies' favourite to win.[2]


  1. The Great British Sewing Bee Series 2, Episode 1
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