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The personalitiesEdit

Each sewer, judge and presenter should have their own page. There are templates (Template:Sewers, Template:Judges, and Template:Presenters) for each, which should be substituted into the appropriate pages. Look at the template documentation for how to substitute a template into another page. When a new series begins, we can wait to see if BBC2 comes up with a method of differentiating between sewers of the same name before we attempt a method that may prove contrary.

Judges: May Martin, Patrick Grant

Presenters: Claudia Winkleman

Sewers: Cerina, Chinelo, Cliff, David, Heather, Jenni, Julie, Lynda, Simon, Tamara, Ann, Jane, Lauren, Mark, Michelle, Sandra, Stuart, Tilly

The episodesEdit

Each episode also gets its own page. Start new ones off by using Template:Episodes. When new a new series begins, please keep in mind the naming format you see below.

Series 1: S1-Episode 1, S1-Episode 2, S1-Episode 3, S1-Episode 4, S1-Christmas

Series 2: S2-Episode 1, S2-Episode 2, S2-Episode 3, S2-Episode 4, S2-Episode 5, S2-Episode 6, S2-Episode 7, S2-Episode 8

The garmentsEdit

Each garment can have its own page, using Template:Garments. These will prove to be a large part of the content, so they wont all be listed here, only enough to establish a naming format (I'm not sold on this naming format. Whatever it is, it needs to address potential duplicates. I will address the issue further at another time, and would love some input on the subject. MrsMarbles (talk) 01:12, March 28, 2014 (UTC))

Series 2 Episode 6 garments: S2E6 blouse-Chinelo, S2E6 blouse-David, S2E6 blouse-Heather, S2E6 blouse-Lynda, S2E6 blouse-Tamara, S2E6 reconstruction-Chinelo, S2E6 reconstruction-David, S2E6 reconstruction-Heather, S2E6 reconstruction-Lynda, S2E6 reconstruction-Tamara, S2E6 coat-Chinelo, S2E6 coat-David, S2E6 coat-Heather, S2E6 coat-Lynda, S2E6 coat-Tamara

The techniquesEdit

The challenges in each episode require specific construction methods and sewing techniques which we can expand on here. Use Template:Techniques. This is another large part of the potential pages and cannot be listed in its entirety here. Fortunately, the techniques should all have specific and unique names which can be used directly as page names. Here are some techniques from Series 2 Episode 6 for example:

Seam placket, Hand gathering, Machine gathering, Shirring, Sew-in interfacing, Understitching, Darts

The historyEdit

Many of the episodes contain short histories; use Template:Histories to create the pages.